Open during the Manheim Rock n Glow Race

Saturday May 30 Manheim will be hosting their annual Rock n Glow 5K race. The square will close at 3:00 pm but we will remain open until 8:30 pm. If you are participating in the race be sure to check your goody bag and bring in your button to see if you won a $50 gift card any time before June 15, 2105.

For more information visit the Manheim Downtown Development Group web page:

Race trophies are one of a kind blown glass pieces created by Steigel Glassworks for the event.
Race trophies are one of a kind hand blown glass pieces created by Steigel Glassworks.


Try it on if you like it

When resale shopping your number one rule is “try it on if you like it”. In addition to checking the size you think you wear, look through the size above it and the size below it. You will dramatically increase your chances of a great thrift find.

It is the style and the fit of a garment that flatters you, not the number or the size.
It is the style and the fit of a garment that flatters you, not the number or the size.

I found a NWT Jones of New York shirt on our clearance rack using this method. It was labeled as a small by the manufacturer. Trust me, I haven’t been a size small since the fourth grade! At a glance it looked a little big for a size small so I held it up and decided to try it on. Fact is, it may just become my new favorite shirt. While wearing it the other day, I had 3 different people tell me I looked great and asked me if I lost weight!

The size of a garment is meant to be a guideline and it varies drastically between brand names. Ultimately it is the cut and the fit of a garment that will flatter your figure, not the number on the size!

Need some Egg-citement Divine Consign egg hunt.

We think everyone deserves a prize for surviving the Lancaster County Winter of 2014-15. Visit our Manheim store and search our used furniture and clothing areas for thrifty ways to welcome spring. If you find an egg you get to keep the treat inside. 1 per customer please. No purchase necessary.

Warmer weather is sandals weather!
Warmer weather is sandal weather!

Check-in Special

Check-in the next time you’re in our store and get a Divine Dollar (a $1 coupon) to spend. Just show us your phone with your social network check-in during check out.

How to motivate your kids to switch out their seasonal clothing.

School is cancelled for today. Now what?

Instead of another day of watching tv, losing your life on Pinterst and hearing “I’m bored” why not make a game of purging your closets or previewing their spring wardrobe

Here are some other ideas to get your kids motivated:

1. Start by having them pick their favorite outfits. Sometimes it’s easier to know what to keep over what to get rid of.
2. Try on pants until you find a pair that fit well. You can hold up the good pants to others and compare to see if they are going fit. Saves a lot of dressing and undressing.
3. Spring Fashion Show! Pick some fun music. Whip out your phone and take a video. (We’d love to see it!) This is a great way to see what is going fit from their spring wardrobe and to inventory what you need to replace.
4. Put a basket in the hallway. Set a timer for 15 minutes and tell each child to go in their closet and pick out the items they want to get rid of. (You know which of your children will need supervised and which will need your help) YOU can make the final cut, but you know if they dont like it they aren’t going to wear it willingly.
5. Bring the like-new castaways to Divine Consign (to consign or for fast-cash) encourage/bribe your cherubs with a gift from the proceeds. New video game? New clothes? Legos? A trip to the movies? Cold hard cash? It’s a lot easier to get them moving when they have an incentive. Just be sure to follow through.
6. Have older children help the younger ones. Sometimes a little responsibility can really go a long way.
7. Tell them they can’t go outside to play until they try on their spring things. Or catch them as soon as they come in from the snow, are still semi-frozen and too cold to put up a struggle (haha )
8. Tell them the longer they take to try on their spring things, the longer they have to STAY outside. This is a big motivator for some!
9. Break the task up into small jobs. Write on slips of paper and each hour (or each day) have the child pull one slip to see what they need to do. First kid to get done gets to come shopping at Divine Consign!
10. Set an example. You can be working in YOUR closet while they are working on theirs.

SPRING is IN at Divine Consign

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken but we are ready for spring NOW! We’ve begun putting our spring inventory out on the floor. New inventory arrives every day so shop often to get “first dibs” and best selection. Still have cabin fever? Why not take a snow day and purge your closet? Take advantage of prime selling season by setting up your consignment appointment earlier than the weather change. That way your items will be already out on the floor when spring-fever-shoppers are ready to shop.groundhog  head shot

Don’t want to wait for an appointment to sell your children’s clothing? Try Divine Consign’s buyout option. Whereas consigning your items will earn you 40% of the final sale price, when we purchase children’s clothing you earn 20-30% immediately. No more having to wait.

We always welcome your questions – Call 717-665-4417 for more information.

For more great tips on selling your gently used children’s clothing see this helpful article from –

End of the Season 50% OFF Sale – preferred customer

Preferred Customers will receive a coupon in their email for 50% off all clothing shoes and purses in the “early bird” portion of our End-of-Season Clearance Sale. You must have a coupon to get the discount before 1/28/15. Don’t have a coupon? Ask a sales associate to join our email list and they will give you one at the counter. You can also click here: and show it to your sales associate via your smartphone.


.end-of-the-season-sale earlybird art copy

12 Days “After” Christmas vs. 12 Days “After” Halloween

This morning, for the first time in a very long time, I slept in. It was nothing compared to my glorious teenage years where I would sleep until noon, but it felt good to not have to jump out of bed and be somewhere or do some particular task that depended on my promptness. The problem this morning was… it was still DARK when my feet hit the floor at 7:30am. Even the dog was giving me the one-eyed look of “lets go back to sleep”.

Wait a minute. Haven’t we passed the winter solstice? Aren’t the days starting to be longer? What the heck? (Actually, after a momentary nerdy relapse on I learned that it was NOT my imagination and that the sunrise was actually later today than on the winter solstice. However, the sunset is also later, so we will enjoy an extra 83 seconds of daylight today compared to the shortest day of the year which was the 21st. Interesting, huh?)

Still with me?

The whole “shortest day of the year” thing implies that the sun is actually shining. It is now well into the morning and it STILL feels dark and dreary. It’s a well known condition called WINTER. It’s bitter and contagious making every day a good day to crawl back into bed. Even though it’s obviously not practical, every bone in my body is begging me to wrap up in one more layer of flannel and hide until the sun is shining brightly and doing its thing. Until that time, my cerebral cortex is not inclined to join the living.

What I NEED here folks, is something to motivate me. Maybe I should add some extra lights around the house to brighten things up? I could gather up the family and play board games and eat sweets, treats and comfort food so I forget about napping. I could invite some friends over or write a few letters to old ones and see what they are up to. I could get out and talk to my neighbors and people I haven’t seen in a long time. I could smile and sing loudly in public places.

Too bad Christmas was last week. Sounds like I could really use all that sort of stuff right now.

Wait a minute…

Wasn’t there something called the 12 days of Christmas?

I would like to have them back please.

I would also like to have those 26 days between Halloween and Thanksgiving when we were being force fed Christmas Carols. Thanks but no thanks National Retail Federation. (*hypocrite alert – Divine Consign always hosts our Holiday Open House the weekend before Thanksgiving. We decorate and play Christmas carols 6 days early. I am aware of this but my sense of shame is out-shadowed by desire to pay my help. ). What good is the after Christmas Clearance sale if it happens before the actual holiday? Wouldn’t a shift back to Christmastide boost January sales?

Regardless, NOW is when the real celebrating should BEGIN. There is a reason that so many cultures and religions celebrate with winter festivals and traditions. We really should listen to history rather than modern day marketers. We need to slow down and enjoy right where we are instead of rushing through to get to the next thing. It’s like they taught us in gym class. In the long distance run you have to pace yourself. If you sprint at the beginning you will get ahead but everyone will pass your exhausted self before the finish line. There is no joy a premature fizzle.

I am all for being tidy and organized but I implore you to leave your pretties out a little longer and extend your reach out to others a little further. It will make for a brighter and cheerier winter not only for you but for them. Hang on to that holiday spirit and savor every second.
12 days is all I ask for. January 6 is Epiphany as well as my mother’s birthday. For me, it is when the holiday season can close up and hibernate like it is supposed to.

Besides, Ground Hog Day will be here before we know it.