How to consign – FAQ – Dear Divine Consign,

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How to consign – FAQ – Dear Divine Consign,

Dear Divine Consign,
What sort of household items do you take for consignment?

First, thanks for thinking of us. That’s a tricky question because it sorta “depends”.

General rule – if you can still walk into a department store in Lancaster and buy something similar, it is probably something we will be able to sell as well. However, VINTAGE is fun and we take odd-ball stuff all the time. If in doubt bring it (or a photo) along on your appointment and we can let you know.

1. Furniture: Our niche is “apartment” furniture: dressers, table sets, book shelves. Smaller things that 2 women can fit in an SUV is a good rule. We do take the occasional bigger item – i.e. a neutral sofa. If you aren’t sure a picture is helpful.

2. Current, modern, & like-new is best – IKEA, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel are hot items but we live in farm country so we still look at primitive country (no hearts or geese please) We also look at colors.- i.e. blue and chocolate comforter okay – hunter and burgundy floral comforter NOT okay. Always looking for spots and discolorations.

3. Smalls – lamps, decorative ceramic vases (not florist vases), unlit candles, wall art, willow tree figures, longaberger baskets, Tupperware, Pampered Chef are all things that do well.

4. Seasonal Decor – Wreaths and other decorations in like-new condition are great.

5. Things we do not take: wall sconces, brass, teddy bears motif, Fine china sets, glassware in general is a tough sell, appliances (sometimes if new, with manuals in box)

That said, what sort of items are you looking to bring in?

Hope that helps,

Divine Consign



  1. Do you accept men’s clothes? If not do you know anywhere that does? Thank you

    • We accept young men’s casual. Jeans, chinos, shorts (in season). Casual shirts. Sorry no dress slacks, suits or sports coats.

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