Open during the Manheim Rock n Glow Race

Saturday May 30 Manheim will be hosting their annual Rock n Glow 5K race. The square will close at 3:00 pm but we will remain open until 8:30 pm. If you are participating in the race be sure to check your goody bag and bring in your button to see if you won a $50 gift card any time before June 15, 2105.

For more information visit the Manheim Downtown Development Group web page:

Race trophies are one of a kind blown glass pieces created by Steigel Glassworks for the event.
Race trophies are one of a kind hand blown glass pieces created by Steigel Glassworks.


Reindeer Games – Shop Local Manheim

Want to win 4 – $100 gift cards? Stop by and pick up a game booklet, shop at 10 local businesses and enter your book in the drawing.

Starting November 20th through December 20th, the Manheim Development Group (MDG) and the Manheim Chamber of Commerce (MCC) kicked off the holiday season with Reindeer Games, a buy local campaign to encourage residents of all ages to explore the businesses and restaurants of Manheim.

The MDDG and the MCC reached out to local businesses to get them involved in the buy local campaign. It’s an opportunity for us to help our local economy and educate the importance of buying local to our community. 33 local businesses are participating and have great gift ideas starting at $5 or more!

Here’s how the program works… Pick up a Reindeer Game Booklet, visit and make a purchase of at least $5 from participating businesses, find the hiding reindeer, take your purchase to the register and tell them where you found the reindeer. The business will stamp your booklet and after you receive 10 stamps, mail or drop off the booklet to the Manheim Chamber of Commerce located at 15 East High Street in downtown Manheim. It’s that easy! You’re supporting our local economy and having fun discovering what’s in store in our local businesses!

Completed booklets must be returned by Tuesday, December 23rd. We will be selecting the recipient and winner on Wednesday, December 24th. Winner will receive 4 gift cards from local participating businesses, with $100 value each (overall value for winner is $400)!

For more information, please visit the Manheim Development Group website or call (717) 665-1762.


Holiday Open House

Are you a Thrifty Christmas Elf? Do you long to be unique, shop local, save money and still be fabulous this holiday season? If you answered yes, then you must join us at the Divine Consign Holiday Open House! Each year, the week before Thanksgiving, Divine Consign in Manheim transforms from a popular consignment store to a one-stop Christmas Shop. Divine Consign will unveil this year’s creative holiday party on Friday, November 21 and Saturday, November 22 from 10 am to 9 pm.

Visitors to the Open House will be treated to a store filled with new and previously-purchased items perfect for the savvy gift giver. Packed with DIY up-cycle ideas, the shop is filled with uniquely decorated Christmas trees, affordable holiday decorations, locally produced items, jewelry, themed gift baskets, a grand selection of “festive” Christmas sweaters (ugly is such an ugly word!) and other holiday supplies. Store gift cards are also available for hard-to-shop-for family and friends. Light refreshments and door prizes will also be provided during the two-day event.With so many people looking for ways to shop local, Divine Consign is the perfect place to start. When you shop consignment, you are supporting a small business that directly pays your community for the items they bring in. (aka – good, hard working folks like yourself!) Many non-profit organizations also consign with us so your purchasing dollars also go to serve the organizations that serve our community the most. PLUS… Its simply a good time!

Divine Consign, located at 37 Market Square, is a year-round consignment store that features like-new clothing and accessories for the family, furniture and home décor. Customers can expect to save 40-90 percent off retail prices everyday. Treasure Hunters are always welcome!

10.5.14 Gratitude Post

Sunday Morning Gratitude Post 10/5/14

It seems like forever since I had the chance to sit down on a Sunday morning and physically write a gratitude post. In an effort to avoid letting perfection get in the way of the good, I’m just going to set my timer for 10 minutes and type out all the things that spark in my brain. If there is one thing I have learned in my old age, it is there is more than one way to get things done.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat >>>
My father had a cliché for everything >>>
I inherited my father’s gift of having a cliché for everything >>>
I am lucky I have a great family >>>
I have a loving and supportive family >>>
They leave me alone (most of the time) and mind their own business >>>
I am happy that I’m out of the kid carpooling stage of my life. It’s a pain! >>>
I am grateful that I’ve been able to provide the kid taxi service the last couple of weeks. It’s good to be inconvenienced now and then, especially when it to help someone else. >>>

I am grateful for three specific conversations that I had this week. Each touched on helping others.
The first conversation was with one of the organizers the First Friday Event and about the importance of persistence and being the change you want to see. I saw great things Friday night. Good job!

The second conversation was with the new director of Teen Central. He’s interested in starting a sort of victory garden with the kids. I have a million ideas about this project!!!

The third came from the stranger who watched us carry a couch and then offered to help carry the second one because as he said it, “People seem to think I’m pretty strong”. Strong doesn’t even come close to describing him! I am so grateful that I’ve learned to not to be afraid of the invisible walls around me and that I have learned to listen (sometimes, I’m still practicing) and not to make immediate judgment. I’m grateful that the stranger followed the impulse to walk in yesterday and then spent the next hour shooting the breeze with us. I am humbled that he returned my trust and shared his story. I think he may have needed to hear (be reminded) of his own message and convictions. I’m really, really grateful that the carpool kid was there for all of.


Back to work 😉


First Friday in Manheim

Our regular consignors have been enjoying our Walk-in-Consignment-First-Fridays for the last several years. We are happy to announce that the rest of town is joining us! Many of our neighboring businesses will be open until 9:00 offering special discounts, entertainment and snacks.
First Friday Discount – All customer who join us after 5:00 for First Friday will get a coupon for 20% off a single clothing item. You may still bring up to 20 like-new clothing items to consign. You may want to plan on walking about town while we process your order.



(Via the Manheim Downtown Development Group)

Something new and exciting is coming to Manheim, First Friday. Artists, musicians and other live acts will invigorate the streets of downtown Manheim. Visitors can partake in specials, children activities, delicious food and listening to local musicians!  Below is a list of participating businesses and organizations:

  • A & M Pizza Restaurant
  • The Brick House Cafe
  • Caribbean Inn
  • Francesco’s Pizzaria
  • Mam’s in Manheim
  • The Cat’s Meow
  • Stiegel Glassworks 1976
  • The Bridal Boutique
  • Divine Consign
  • Fix My Computer
  • Come Alive Chiropractic
  • Style Mosaic
  • The Nail Shop
  • Split ends
  • Pretentious Hair
  • Fusion Church
  • Reanimated Art
  • Thomas Music Center
  • The Manheim Fire Station
  • All State

The event will be held from 5:00pm until 9:00pm with businesses promoting specials and street entertainment.  Please visit, support our local economy and see what Manheim has to offer!

Cruisin’ the Square – October 18, 2014

The 14th annual car show is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  This event is a regional favorite and a great day to do a little shopping at Divine Consign. Good weather, music and live entertainment, delicious food from local vendors and door prizes all add up to an enjoyable and memorable day with close to 300 vehicles in showing.  Staged in the center of town, the Square will be closed from 7:00am – 3:00pm.  The event is open to the public and admission is free to non-exhibitors. Plenty of parking is available in the designated event areas but Divine Consign shoppers are welcome to use our parking area located off of Logan Alley.

Bring your appetite and lawn chair to enjoy a fun day at Manheim’s historic Market Square. For more information, please contact the Manheim Downtown Development Group at (717) 665-1762.

Divine De-clutter Challenge – 7 items a day for 30 Days

Looking for some free help with getting your house in order? Join our totally do-able de-clutter challenge in September on Facebook. (Search “Divine Consign Sisterhood of the Clutter Busters” and ask to join the group.)

We will be spending the month of September sharing our purging adventures and encouraging each other to get organized. Joyette will be logging in (and out) with her 7 items out of the house for 30 days routine while others are sharing their own achievements and challenges. Members share different strategies and resources (i.e. – “Where can I donate old eyeglasses?”)

Be productive and have some fun in the meantime!.

declutter queen cover


Open During 5K Rock n Glow Race – 5/31/14


Saturday May 31, 2014 we will be open 10:00 am to 9:30pm for the Manheim 5K Rock n Glow Race. Register for our door prize. If you are a runner, make sure to check your goody bag for your Divine Consign game piece. Bring in your button and see what you won. You may have already won $50!